Friday, December 18, 2009

Making An Absolute Balls Of It

Highly frustrating day. Not so much because of the P&L, but because of the way I did things. Saffer v England test match I had a total mare, nothing I did went right.. seriously, nothing. The neighbours must think I'm an awful queer because every ten minutes all I could do was look at the tv and shout "AH, COCK!" Ian Bell leaving a straight ball to hit little stump = tosser. OK, the pitch is hard enough and I'd of forgiven him if it was clipping, bit he stood there, didnt move and watched it hit middle stump. Honestly. Head in hands man. Was on the draw, off the draw, on Saffers, off Saffers, on the draw, off the draw, etc, etc, etc and I'm €150 all red feeling less than shrewd. You know I dont mind losing money, its just theres an awful stupid way of doing it, and it was a nightmare market. It makes you feel awful too.

So, onto the ODI Sri Lanka v India, Sri Lanka chasing 302, started well and I jumped on board the ship at around about 2.1 down to just under 2ish. Grand and handy, cruising along trading at under 1.2 needing less than a run a ball when they decide that this isnt the way to do things, this is too easy for Stephen.. lets fook it up! Go on to make a total meal of it, fly back out to 1.7ish before Mathews brings them home (hes a bowler more so than a batsman). Ah, cant complain about going all green like (€60), I had a great position from before and still won money. Just seething they made hard work of it, but more so seething at myself for 1) being greedy and not greening at 1.2 and 2) actually bailing then when they did look like ballsing it up. Like you either do one or other, green at 1.2 or stick it out, I did neither. Even though I won, this was at the same time as the English test and they went hand in hand for terrible trading decisions, it was just a case of me feeling I could of been better doing my part.

Then, onto the darts, to add to the frustration. Won money on the first game, lost more on the second game. When I was on McDine he couldnt hit a double, when I was against him he hit everything, everything. It was just like take one step forward and back steps back. Just a piss poor trading day! But anyway, it happens and I'll take it on the chin, although if every day was as annoying as this one, just keep on niggly-like annoying at me every hour, I'd pack it in. Just one of those days. No craic.

Thank god the boxing went well or I would of had a mental breakdown. Although I did call the result wrong just got the odds moving my way and went all green. €2,000 lost at 1.02 on the bloke who I thought won by at least three rounds.. boxing for you.

I probably did learn something though. I think I've actually said it before during the summer, when I get all red on the market I'm terrible at coming back. Cant seem to make it right, just make things worse. Cant explain it. If I knew I probably wouldnt make things worse in the first place, the test match started at €25ish all red, and ended the day at €150 all red. The losing darts match started at €11 all red (no joke) and ended €114 all red. Maybe its just me having a shite market, but it does seem to happen a lot, I'll have to give it more thought about how to try and fix it.

Boxing: €41.51 | Cricket: €62.59 | Darts: -€29.32 Total P&L: €74.78

The P&L line doesnt really reflect it, I've had a mare today. Of course, the test market doesnt settle until Sunday, the end of the week will reflect that more. This video makes me feel better about life though, what makes it ten times better is everyone goes silent, how one of the crowd doesnt piss themselves I've no idea. Fantastic tv.

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