Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Cricket: €8.57 | Horse Racing: -€22.36 Total P&L: -€13.79

Slightly annoying day and happy to finish up early, Betfair has been woeful me today, I've never known it so bad. White screens, taking AGES to load markets. It must be said though, when I do eventually get into the market, its grand and the refresh is as normal, its just getting there thats the problem. Obviously the last "upgrade" was a tremendous success. I heard the site was down for two hours yesterday too! Its buggered for me anyway.

As I said, once the market opened there wasnt an issue and it had nothing to do with it being a losing day. Small, but a losing day nonetheless. Laid Ruby in the 12-20 at Newbury.. I had him down as a sort of non-stayer when going through the cards this morning, so was keen to take him on turning in around 4ish or so, as they came down the straight one by one the others fell away. All I wanted was one challenger! The horse in front, who I had as staying there, made an absolute bollocks of the last three hurdles to rub it in. However, it cant be a coincidence that every time I lay Ruby and Paul Nicholls every other horse in the race buggers off to be no help. Probably just too good. Apart from him, didnt lay another loser, but missed plenty of races waiting for the site to load.

Heads wrecked you know, when the stuff your using doesnt run smoothly it feels like an awful long day. I'd been on the Saffer lay against England in the 1st test all day long, how much has the market moved all day? One tick, yes one tick. Hello test cricket, gimme limited overs any day. Had to trade out because I cant look after my position tomorrow. Probably not a bad thing because I'm sort of confused which way the match is heading tomorrow morning, looks a nailed on draw given the pitch and the bowling lineups, but the Saffer tail is a long one and an early wicket in the morning could see them all out quickly. Plus I'd be trusting England not to collapse for it to be a draw.

Saffers bat well in the morning and dont lose wickets, could see them get to near 450/500. Lose wickets could be all out for 350ish you know. Then England bat, and most times I'm pissing in the wind guessing what they do. You'd be hoping they can top anything Saffers post, England look the better team on paper. As I said, I was all over the Saffer lay but if something important happens tomorrow and I'm not there to look after my book, I'd be seething, so I have to square up. Been on betdaq with that market too, will move back over to Betfair Friday if it works..!

Cricket in the P&L was session runs this morning by the way. I'd be keen to take on Saffers again at some stage, if the price stays around the same place it is now.