Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nice End To 2009

Canny day in running without scares, the grounds pretty heavy everywhere and horses are stopping in front, I was done plenty of favours today from jocks going too quick. Delighted to end 2009 on a winning day, and a complete coincidence to just snake over the €19,000 mark, probably be back under it tomorrow so no need to put any significance on it sure.

Hope everyone has a good one tonight..! Such a horrible night in town though, all the once-a-year-ers, nutters, everyone overly locked and prices through the roof. Were going to a friends house so you know, we'll get free food, thats all I'm going for anyway.

I'll try think of something clever to say to sum up the year tomorrow (that'll take a while), might even hand out a few awards for 2009..

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