Saturday, December 12, 2009

Listening To Others..

At 5 bells this evening I was sat here contemplating giving up pre-off on National Hunt. A massive call. Why? Because upon receiving a tip from none other than the man, the daddy, the bloke we all want to be, JP McManus, Smoking Aces in the 1-40 Fairyhouse was turned over. Now, if he cant do it how am I suppose to? Its probably a niggly little thing in my mind over the last week comparing pre-off to in running, and the only thing I'm losing on this month is pre-off on the horses. So its a touchy subject. Why am I losing though? Because I keep backing tips. Why am I backing tips? I dont know! The Mullins hotpot turned over in the bumper from Paddy Mullins (4/5 into 2/5) and today from JP (15/8 into 8/11), you dont get more in the know then that, however still lost. So, I've decided.. bollocks to listening to other people, I'm going to do my own thing from now on.

I "only" had €75 on the horse today on Betfair, I say only because I'd a much bigger bet in the shops. Like you know, its not every day you get tips from good sources like that. But, why do we listen to others? Gambling nearly revolves around following others for some reason. Is it because you think they know more than you? Well then, is it a confidence issue or what? I cant explain anyway because I've been doing it myself. But from now on, I'm doing my own thing, I can only blame myself if things go belly up then, and I do tend to have more on a "tip" than something I fancy myself. Again WHY.

From today onwards.. "everyone else can go and do their bets, whatever the fook they want, whatever gambles landed, whatever anything else, go and do it, good luck to them, I honestly hope they win.. but look, this is what I'm doing, on my own." I suppose its about confidence, birra skill and big balls to go against everyone you know, stand on your own. Ignore everyone else. Think its possible? Cause I'm not 100% sure, I can only try sure. Its all well and good sailing your own ship, but its not being stubborn and rubbishing others views, its just about sticking to your own view. Every persons view is as good as the next you know. Very hard not to listen to someone like JP however, thats a given. At least if I'm lumping on something from Ballydoyle, I know what I'm getting into, every other stable I dont know if I'm guessing or not.. so why trust them so much. One thing though, I'll never ever have a go at someone whos backing it themselves (which has always happened), sure we all get things wrong you know. This is just about me doing my own thing.

Anyway, cricket went really well today, sitting and waiting for momentum to make a move worked a treat. Again, coming back to the horses, something that stuck with me after the game.. I laid off to go awe-green at 1.3, would I do that normally, probably not you know I run positions at the best of times. I not gonna say greening out was through gritted teeth, I was delighted at the time to have the chance, but the reason I was greening out was because I'd lost on the horses before and I wanted the green both sides. It wasnt because of what was happening in the game, because India were pissing it. And I needed the money to get back to level here for the day, no horse bet and I would have let that position run but you know, you cant complain about winning though. Its just impossible to not let the market gone before effect the next one, how'd you do it?

Snooker. Now, jaysus. As someone who laid John Higgins at 1.07 for €1,268, 1.09 for €400, 1.1 for €240 and 1.19 for €632. Right, there was a flip flop after all this happened, but in one way or another, I only managed to win 59c! Er, trying to think of something to explain it, but I havent got anything. Just you know, pretty poor trading really. God knows what could of been, but I'd no idea the flip flop would come really, I thought the game was trading the 1.0x's and that was it. Obviously Higgins only had to win the one frame, 8-2 up (Ronnie came back to 8-8 before Higgins won), was always a bit touchy on the button because you know one frame and it was GSM. Maybe if I'd been braver would of come off big green, but I was looking after myself the whole Ronnie comeback in case Higgins won one.

Cricket: €118.18 | Horse Racing: -€75.00 | Snooker: €0.59 Total P&L: €43.77

Also lost €25 on Stoke, did you see the Wigan goal from his own half, fook sake! Best part of the day? Finding the definition of seething on youtube, its only ten seconds into the video.. I love it, at least he committed fully to it, delivered with a birra venom! Hes got my vote.

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