Sunday, December 13, 2009


Clean sheet, BOOM! Thats pretty much my perfect day you know, just tick along nicely without doing wonders, no need for trying to be too clever, just tick, tick and tick along. Have to say I sometimes get a bit bored, started listening to Christmas songs while betting in running, I'm sure plenty more people have better strategies than that like. Its hard to focus for the whole day when theres a different race every five minutes. Not like cricket or something when youre always on the one track as to how you see it. Probably have to give myself a kick up the arse half way through the day, or even take a ten minute break, get something to eat or whatever, at the moment I drift off to Facebook and Youtube in between races and find it hard to come back 100% on the job, it does effect the race then. I suppose the other side of it is, it relaxes me and keeps me calm should things go tits up, Christmas songs get me jiggy.

Anyway, my week finished in profit. Dont fancy doing the snooker or NFL tonight, I collect my cert in college in the morning so if I start and they go on until 12 or so, I'll stay in bed in the morning you know, HA!

This weeks been/felt really hard though. Monday feels like absolutely ages ago, stayed up all night to do the cricket without luck, buggered my system until Wednesday, which was another losing day. I'll never do that again, at least I learned something about it anyway, thats good, I know to stay away. Lost pre-off on the horses again, lost pre-off again, won in running again, exact same craic as last week basically. Really have to sort it out cause its annoying me at this stage.

In Running P&L this week.. €355.17
Pre-Off P&L this week.. -€125

Now €50 of the pre-off were football bets, which I dont really have an issue with. Theres another two more to go tonight, if they both lose that'll make pre-off -€175 for the week. Er, you know, in running last week was just over €400 and this week €355, if I could just stick to that I'd be laughing sure. I havent been able to stick to it though, which is really frustrating. A mate said to me during last week that I was around the same total for ages, its weird, hes right like, but because I bounce up and down each day, it never feels like I'm in the one place. But I sometimes do stick around the same total for weeks without noticing, as I said last week, you try all week to win €300 or so and one bet might kaput it and youre back to square one. Its avoiding that setback thats the thing to do. Should stick to what I'm good at and leave everything else alone you know. Apart from that, like last week, in running has been good.. boxing, cricket, snooker and horses went well. Just HAVE TO stop pre-off (bar football, but thats only small bets, and I enjoy it). Also learned not to listen to people from now on (tips) and do my own thing, actually been quite a good week for learning what not to do in future. Just felt like a long, hard week and I'm glad its over. Most gay Christmas song I could find below!


  1. hi mate,

    What software are you using for the in running?


  2. Alright man, not using any at the moment, just the normal site..

  3. Fook me?? you must be some race reader to do it all through the normal site?? Its like 6 or 7 clicks just to get a bet put in!!!

    I think when you get some one click stuff you will be just awesome ;-)

    Still pissing myself about the bus incident like :-0, Absolutely great stuff

    keep it up mate,


  4. Fook Dublin bus anyway.. DO THEY NOT KNOW WHO I AM! Haha!