Friday, May 28, 2010


As everyone knows Johnnys thinking about what he rides in the Derby FFS.

St Nic didnt work great this morning.

Although little annoyed over it like, its Sams ride and Johnny took it off him this week, but he wasnt overly happy with him this morning. Having said that he wouldnt know 100% because its fooking Sams ride.

He'll work on Tuesday, but I'd say he'll run unless thats terrible.

It wasnt overly terrible this morning you know, just like a human in a couldnt be bothered humor.

I know its the Derby and Johnnys number one jockey but I'm SEETHING because Sams rode him every other morning bar this week.

Two years, and we get to one morning and its all suddenly going down the swannee!

Gonna be a serious snowball effect given general public fancied Jan beforehand.. but I wouldnt be overly bothered about prices until he decides.

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