Thursday, May 20, 2010


Messed this one up a little but anyway, Paddy Power were going 4/7 when it was 1.46 to lay on Betfair, only problem was PP would only let me have €150 on, then when I went to lay back €155 on Betfair that all didnt get matched either (was a bit slow), and now the price has settled at 1/2 bookies and Betfair.

If she wins I win €18.58, if she loses I lose €4.07 minus commission so probably a tenner. Backed a 1/2 shot at 2/1ish so cant complain, just circumstances mean I only have €10 on. Wouldnt normally bother doing this with the early Irish markets, its just there was such a big price gap, if PP gave me say €400/500 it would have been lovely.

Queen Of Spain is a nice filly at home too, only her first run today so she'll come on plenty from it, Meow looks a good un judging from her last race though and Johnny rides because shes had a run and Queen Of Spain hasnt.

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