Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Really tough game tonight, the pitch was an absolute dog and the umpires have been brutal, fair played to Bosman, Smith and Deonarine who all walked, Bosman was given as a wide when the ball clearly changed course by miles FFS! The next T20 and the first ODI (I think) are on the same pitch so that hardly inspires confidence for the rest of the week.

My guess is 120ish is par for 20/20, Saffers posted 136 today and were 1.8, thought that was very high considering, but then two words if youre looking for a reason not to back it - Chris Gayle. He did get Windies into 1.7 at one stage before getting out, market valued him at 65 ticks today, its not even an over reaction, they should rename the series 'Gayle v Saffers.' Hopefully they do something for the pitch before tomorrows game, although theres very little they can do. A Windies ground under prepared for international cricket.. has it ever happened before! Would like if they stopped using local umpires too but as long as we have honest players it should be alright.

I'm still absolutely pants at trading the innings when I'm on the bowling side, mainly because its always going against me for a while until a wicket, bottle is tested, and I'll never have big amounts on. Didnt have the bottle to take on Gayle today anyway.

No horses today with only one meeting on RUK, actually went for a jog on The Curragh this afternoon, couldnt call them any names if they watered for the weekend IMO, how much they put on it if they decide to god only knows, but if we dont get rain it'll probably need a tiny bit, more so on the round course than the straight. Was really hot there today, no breeze, just real dead weather, I wear thermal unders and a hoodie jogging and could barely breath, just that still heavy air, normally its freezing. I'm only ten and half stone but normally still go into the ground a little if I want, there was none of that. Dont think any horse wants firm you know, nor any horse wants heavy (bar Oxxes maybe hes won on it), just think "Good" ground is perfect for everyone and no ones inconvenienced then, but sure what do I know. If it rains overnight though I'll say that will sort it.

I've backed Fencing Master E/W at 6s anyway. Think hes improved past Xtension from the last run, Steinbeck is having his first run and hasnt gone too hard, think Noll Wallop was laid out for his last run happy to be against him, happy enough to oppose Oxxes although does look an improver I'll take him on because I think Fencing is better, and I still have serious doubts about Canford Cliffs getting a strongly run mile, its gonna be a break neck pace too. Just 6/1 E/W seems fair when I have worries about all the others and I've no worries for him, if hes out of the first three I'd be bitterly disappointed with him.

I presume if Canford is beaten the natural reaction for punters is to say the Guineas form has been let down, but my way of looking at it is, if they do go off at a fast pace and hes left wanting in the last furlong, I reckon that re-endorses the idea that it turned into a bit of a sprint in Newmarket and he just had the turn of foot. We'll see sure, I'm interested to see him again anyway, it looked like he didnt stay 7F first time out, then is 3rd in a Guineas so I suppose Saturday will show for once and for all what his distance is.

Cricket: €18.82 Total P&L: €18.82

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