Friday, May 21, 2010


The 1.0x's gubbed in the Pro40 again, I forget the last time they havent been beaten at this stage..! Tricky game tonight though, personally I'd forgotten how much conditions change under lights in England. Surrey started off so easily, pitch was a good one, then it starts to get dark, lights come on and the ball is doing all sorts in seconds. Surrey matched at 1.19 and then all the way out to 20s, I was big red having backed 1.6ish. But the low lays on Glamorgan got me out of it for just €30 awe-red at the end, feels like a proper win, I could of ran it too (laid 1.05) but it was one wicket away from being GSM at that stage.

Backing the 1.4 Surrey after the start, having already backed 1.6, was probably a mistake in hindsight looking at how it played under lights but I'll know for the future, I didnt see that coming, so long since I've traded a day-nighter in England. Could of greened out too like but it was looking easy before the lights, then when the dew came late on it got easy again. Its so easy to look back and read the market movements after the games finished, while its going on its confusing as fook! Excellent trading game again for people, I just ballsed it up a little, again. Gruss helps though keeping it down.

Nothing happening on the boxing with an SP of 1.05, losing day but a good day, didnt do the horses because I knew the cricket/boxing would be going straight through from 4-30 to 11-00 and didnt want to be staring at a screen all day you know.

Boxing: €0.24 | Cricket: -€30.99 Total P&L: -€30.75

Seriously good weather here today and really hot weather, grounds gonna be quick tomorrow, looking forward to it now anyway, still on Fencing E/W. Samuel Morse is a one I really, really like that I've talked about before, ground might be an issue tomorrow though because his first run was on heavy, he might get rushed off his feet early doors on firm, its an unknown, but he has serious gears to finish with. Alfred Nobel has a big chance too on this ground over 6F, he doesnt stay anything over that on heavy so ignore all his runs and the Breeders Cup because he bombed like the rest not on drugs, take away those and he has great form, wanted a bigger price though E/W so I'll leave it, was hoping for 6/1+, and hes already favourite on Betfair. Said I'd back Samuel if over 5/2 so I'll probably have a touch on him if I can get it, Fencing E/W antepost the main one, hopefully its a good day anyway, first Classic at home.

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