Friday, October 22, 2010

Wayne Rooney.. Take Two

He stays.. haha! You couldnt make it up.

I still dont like him though, theres been an awful lot of shite this week, he looked a numptie whatever he did really, staying now after saying United dont meet his ambition two days ago.. footballers eh?

Sources inside Old Trafford say he came to the realisation hes not smart enough to learn Spanish, and is still trying to focus on, eh, learning, eh, proper, eh, English, yeah.

What a difference a day makes..


  1. Stephen

    Couldn't agree more and I'm a United fan- its amazing how your mind can chnage when thirty blokes in balaclavas turn up at yoiur house though!.....

  2. We'll have to remember that tactic when doing things in the future!