Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amazing Scenes

Words cannot even describe that Razzaq knock tonight, *literally* took them home all on his own from 11 overs to go (I think), turning down singles and just hitting 6s! Among my bets - a 1k lay of Saffers at 1.12 and a 1k lay at 1.15 (innings SP), I'd given up though and had a horrible book when Saffers hit 1.01.. I had +€140 Pak -€90 Saffers thinking game over. But just what a knock, I wrote it off, I love when stuff happens when you mentally book a loss, its like a double win. But having money on it doesnt change the fact it was just amazing, amazing, amazing scenes.

Didnt really fancy Sri Lanka on the bouncy pitch this morning, but they knocked the runs off comfortably in the end, was never in danger of losing too much but I was never in a good position either. I just noticed the ODIs will be starting at 3AM, I think I'll pass..! And the filly was pretty certain Belle Amie were going tonight so backed that, shes fairly shrewd on this stuff so I trust her. It does little for my win market trade on Wagner though as them going wont have much impact on the price so he'll have to last another week.

Normal Wallet..
Cricket: €115.40 | Special Bets: €123.63 Total P&L: €239.03

Aussie Wallet..
Cricket: -€21.46 Total P&L: -€21.46

Its been a good week, maybe try to improve or lower staking (probably that option!) on the football, the crickets been good - with a bit of luck today that helps. I do hate Halloween cant wait for it to be over, never liked it as a kid but its even worse now with animals the poor buggers.


  1. phenomenal innings, shame I missed it. Much matched at 1.01?

  2. Wasnt on TV here, had to watch it through Betfair video so have no graphs or anything, dont think it ever went 1.01 to lay though, BoomBoom came in and kept it around 1.1ish with his innings and then it went 1.02 when it went. I'd say there was plenty matched 1.02/1.03 because it stayed there for a while. No exact figures though.

  3. hi mate, care to exchagne links? also gimme some tips on cricket trading?!