Saturday, October 30, 2010


Cricket: €226.27 | Soccer: -€67.01 Total P&L: €159.26

D'ya ever wonder where the penny comes from? It says a round figure on the screen and then when it settles it adds a penny.. and they never take it away either, its never 99c its always added. I remember reading the forum years ago and a few people said it was the currency swap over, one of life mysteries eh. My football betting still leaves a lot to be desired anyway, thank fook for that Chelsea goal or it would have been much worse.

Pakistan went from 140/1 to 203 awe-out yesterday, I'd be shocked if it hasnt happened before, it actually feels quite normal now actually. They just cannot be trusted while batting at all, ever, under ANY circumstances. I was trying to do the sums to see what they could get, then a one wicket goes and bam theyre all out. Saffers at evens in and around the first breakthrough was ok I thought, but I think the 1.47 (SP) around the time BoomBoom was there/gone was even better.. cant remember too much, was at lady Gaga at the o2 last night, which was very good by the way didnt think I'd enjoy it that much. Went to the Purity Kitchen afterwards, which I hate, not sure whether theres four levels or three, but the heat on the top level is unreal.

Wagner is 5.5ish to go tonight so no point laying there, hes singing Meatloaf Bat Out Of Hell.. which could be interesting (funny!), so I'm on him at 48ish for a trade hopefully he might hit the teens should he survive this week and go into next, maybe even get a few good comments, doesnt take much to get big prices moving anyway. Only four bookies have priced up the International Rules tonight which is a bit disappointing to say the least, Aus odds on, Ire 11/8 which seems OK but Aus were all over us bar 10mins last Saturday. I'm leaving it anyway because Aus can "lose" the game by 6 points and still win over the two games.. those situations are terrible for match odds. By the way, how hot is Ronaldos girlfriend, my god..

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