Monday, October 4, 2010


What a finish to the Ryder Cup! Unreal, I love Mondays. Nice watching a big sporting event having no betting interest either, you watch everything differently, instead of saying "what a coont" you say "great putt!" Also nice to see Tiger come back to form, he was immense today, no surprise he was good in the foursomes Saturday though, Tiger loves a good foursome..

Anyway, just tidy up the week, one market. Arc weekend was great, France had a high terror alert yesterday evening though that was no craic - something when you see it on TV you kind of just half catch it and dont pay attention, but when youre about to get on a plane, well, it doesnt inspire confidence anyway put it that way. I like leaving Ireland though mainly because the media make everyone so depressed with the recession every feckin' day, but its good to be home - back to ignoring the world then :)

And a note on Liverpool losing at home to Blackpool, head in hands man FFS, I used to laugh when they lost but its an old joke at this stage. At least now though they can concentrate on The Champions Lea..oh wait. The Premier Leag...oh wait. The Carling Cu..oh wait. Their families..

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