Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ireland playing today was news to me this morning. Liquidity was terrible but so much swinging about works when it takes so little to do.. it reminded of me of a GAA market in the sense that its not what youre betting on but who youre betting against, much like poker betting, there were no sharks today on such a small market.

Looking at the screen shot I laugh because no one could ever follow my opinion even if I was sat beside them, I chop and change so much its unreal, I havent changed the bank from losing last Monday (added €100 to it to back 1.01 at the end, people could back 1000 other side but no they decided to lay 1.01 instead), I just recycle money so much, I had €300 in but have managed to filter around €3.5k into the market. Probably explains why I have a huge disliking to upping stakes, am happy switching around with €300/400, rather than switch around with €1,000, that'd probably need more skill - which I may not have, certain levels of thinking isnt it, thinking changes with staking.

ANYWAY, thats it for the week, and definitely this time, I am really an addict. "I wont even turn on Betfair this week," I lasted one whole day before checking. They'll think I'm a heroin addict with the staking coming home off the plane from France, what a gay law no Betfair though. Nonsense. People should be allowed to do whatever they choose.


  1. Had you been trading the 1st Ireland-Zim market then you would have been betting mostly against me. However, by the 2nd game I was back in Oz where online in-play betting is illegal, so I just traded the (very slow) pre-match.