Friday, October 8, 2010


Well, 0-0 lasted all of 10 feckin' minutes. Price pre kickoff was swapping between 8.2 and 8.4, so pretty happy enough with the 8.8, its just bleedin' obvious at the moment Russia are the better team. No complaints there. 2-0 to Russia at HT, match hasnt finished yet but no point hanging around (hopefully that comment will jinx it into finishing 3-2!). On the plus side at least I saved €50 going..

Cricket chipped in with 20 quid, huge dislike of SP matches under 1.1 but a bounce out to the 1.3s meant it wasnt a total waste of a game on TV. -€27.39 on the day which isnt too bad, a reminder that in-running is ten times easier then pre-off on any sport really - I thought the soccer would be tight and defending, game started like ping pong.

Naturally in-running every bit of information is happening in front of you so theres no guessing.