Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Fantastic day. Kept things simple and it paid off, but then again everything I backed to win today won so maybe the poor run of form has turned after yesterday, hopefully anyway. Reduced stakes a good bit and will leave it at the same levels for a few days, delighted with the horse results - those two screen shots are in the posts below.

The cricket went well but had to leave for two hours during the game and at the time I just went €25 all green and left it, happy I was in the position to do it, seeing the game after though I think I would have either won very big or lost big, happy I wasnt involved really. Had a good day on the run lines on bet365 too.

Fantastic win for Man United! BAM! Happy with everything today and a profit of just over €525, its good to be back in the groove!

Cricket: EUR24.44 Total P&L: EUR24.44


  1. Dilshan made that in one over!

  2. Gillys innings was amazing though, glad I wasnt here would have been in a bit of a panic - I had €350 red on Deccan and 99% sure I would have kept positions if I didnt have to leave. Nothing like a good collapse though, someone said they got 16-7 off the last 4 overs!

  3. it's at least three matches now this week where the losing team has been matched at 1.1.. Trader's dream!