Sunday, May 24, 2009


Cracking day at The Curragh, even though I didnt have many winners, the weather was lovely and just in the door from a round of golf afterwards, I'm nackered. Anyway, the Paddy Power bet this morning didnt go well at all but I backed Button to win the Monaco GP so it was a winning day luckily enough.

Motor Sport: EUR214.42 Total P&L: EUR214.42

Been a fantastic week on Betfair and I'm delighted to have over €1,000 profit this week, hopefully next week will go as well as this one touch wood. Just tick over each day and its amazing how it all adds up, I've backed Nadal win the French open and will back United to win the Champions League. Just seen Deccan won the IPL, well done to them, it'll feel weird tomorrow with no game on though. Just been looking at, they have cricket nearly every day for the summer, fantastic! Its by far my favourite sport to bet on.

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  1. Excellent stuff - really enjoy your blog so keep it up please :)