Tuesday, July 27, 2010


What a crackin' game at Essex this evening, up there with one of the best run chases I've seen, suppose it helps to have the home team win with everyone locked roaring. Made a few mistakes along the way, but it was just a phenomenal run chase, I think they went at 10s+ for 14 overs and needed 12 an over at one stage. I didnt believe when the rate got that high, before that I had +€200 Essex -€50 Lancs, but finished with +€75 -€10, in hindsight not touching the book would have been the better play because IMO €200/-50 is better than €75/-10, purely because €50 isnt that much to lose really for the actual chance of it happening. I went awe-green with the €200/-50 position and then changed my mind again to support Essex, so basically backed 10 ticks shorter and then re-laid at 10 ticks higher.

Shame not to have been able to bet on the first game, innings SP at 1.04/1.05, nothing doing. My best trading was on the game that I lost on - I had €200ish red and got it down to just over €20, Sussex really bottled it in the middle overs, was just pure luck I had the "feeling" of it going tits up so was half way out of it when it started going wrong, then it went tits up in spectacular fashion. 1.2, 1.4, flip flop, 1.7 other side, 1.2, 1.0x, GSM pretty quickly.

I've messed about at Galway pre-off/in running but to no avail. I had €250 on Tashqeel yesterday though, and he hit 1.5ish in running so I got out of that without losing, I backed Why this evening and didnt quite get out of that fully, she hit 1.5ish too. I have to laugh, every single time I back against a Ballydoyle horse the hoor beats me, I was full sure Dec would win when he pulled out yesterday, Joeys 7 pounds made the difference though and the horse was by Galileo pulled out more. Then when I am involved in a Ballydoyle runner she goes on to lose, I should just do the opposite of what I think and I'd be in clover.

I think we'll see an improved Rip tomorrow, which wouldnt be hard looking at his first run, but I've a massive amount of time for Canford Cliffs since being a non-believer at the start of the year. I want 3/1+ on Rip and dont think I'll get it really, he does like Goodwood though and if Ryan Moore can time it as to go early but not go too early to burn out of gas, he could get first run. No Johnny an obvious negative though because he knows Rip so well. And if I could get Majestic Concorde 9/2 E/W first 5 places 1/4 odds tomorrow (if the ground stays fine for him) it would be a cracking bet too, but the only one going that at the moment is Stan James, I cant get on online there and theres only one shop in the country (or two, Limerick? Too far away anyway). I wont get that either, so shouting for Nicanor, I still remember Carbs flying past Denman sitting on him at Cheltenham, ahhhhh..


  1. There was no need to mention that sun alliance hurdle :( , very cruel Stephen, very cruel!

  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-10758643

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    Bookmaker William Hill has said it is to establish a new telephone betting operation offshore in Gibraltar.

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    Firms based offshore do not have to pay the Horseracing Betting Levy, which UK-based bookies have to pay in order to take bets on British races.

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    'Significant change'

    Another call centre in Sheffield will remain open, although this will now be run by outsourcer Vertex as a customer support centre for customers.

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    Meanwhile, William Hill Online will manage telephone customers from Gibraltar.

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    The British horse racng betting levy, a major funding mechanism, has been in decline for a number of years.

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    Last week William Hill said strong betting on the recent World Cup tournament had offset losses that it suffered at Royal Ascot.

    It also said that it had seen strong growth in its online business and from gaming machines.

    It is predicting earnings of about £135m for the first half of 2010.

    William Hill expects to introduce the telephone betting changes in the fourth quarter of 2010, with cost savings of £4m to £7m a year from 2011.

    It says the cost of introducing the changes in 2010 is expected to be £7m.

    The firm's existing telephone betting business made a loss of £1.8m in 2009 and a small operating loss is anticipated for the first half of 2010.

    William Hill employs 16,000 people and has more than 2,300 licensed betting offices in the UK and Irish Republic.

    The firm is reviewing the future of 50 of 170 unprofitable shops, which could put another 200 jobs at risk by the end of the year.

  3. Cheers for the link.

    Someone said on BBC radio the other day that it might drop to 50M the following year, its doomed unless they do something to fix things.

    I just hope to god they dont bring in tax on turnover here for gamblers :(