Thursday, September 23, 2010

Betfair Suspending MILES Too Early..

Just been reading the live forum chat this evening and a question was asked that I've noticed myself too in the past, and wrote about it on here. Betfairs response is, well, a bit mad..

I have noticed when watching a flat horse race on ATR the betting is suspended and turned in running well before the stalls open.
This means the race has started well before the ATR pictures show it has. Yet at the end of the race the betting is closed as the winner crosses the line on ATR i.e. well after the race has actually ended.
Are Betfair allowing people to bet on something that has already finished?

The manner in which we operate our horseracing markets is of paramount importance to us, and they are managed accordingly. Voiding bets can be part of this process. But the undeniable fact is that all in running pictures, on any live televised sport, are subject to a time delay, so we advise our customers accordingly. We do this more than any other bookmaker, across all sports.
As a side issue, it is worth noting that the official end of a race is the weighed-in signal, and not the “winner” crossing the line.

I wonder why they suspend it so early then? If the race is going on until theyve weighed in.. oh dear, head in hands man.

Thats a shocker of a response FFS, really, could they have not thought of anything better than "it doesnt finish until they weigh in." Completely dodged the turn in-play six seconds before the start but only suspend on the line part of the question.

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