Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Was in the house for the afternoon and thought I'd play a few races, before I knew it was €90 down and doing nothing right. Thought I'd better give up but then said if I was going to bet go and do it properly! Got back in the groove soon enough and got all the losses back and then called it a day on the horses. Backed unders in the Italy v Ireland after Italy scored and laid off as the odds were coming down every few minutes, before eventually going all green for €50 or so.

Horse Racing: EUR6.85 | Soccer: EUR52.20 Total P&L: EUR59.05

Read a few different blogs this morning, some good and some bad. It seems most of the successful ones start with a big bank and have all the correct tools, gruss and bet angel, maybe even fast pictures. Its very hard for a normal person to make good money using Betfair, I see some people asking what the successful ones do etc but thats a waste of time when one person is betting with a €10,000 bank and the other is betting with a €200 bank.

If you were to read the madness of the Betfair forum, punters by nature always think they are right, this being one of the main problems. The amount of rows over not agreeing with each others bets and what is "value" is amazing, I think everyone forgets if we all agreed it would be like Boylesports, no one would get a bet on!

The average punter seems to want to win big as soon as possible. Fact is, thats impossible.

Someone said to me the other day "Oh youre up to €2,000 on the blog you can start betting big now." Er no, why run before you can walk? It all adds up very, very quickly and its important to play within yourself, you bet to your means. Losing €250 a day doesnt bother me, therefore I'm less likely to go on tilt when I lose that amount. If you bet in tenners and lose €50 youre almost definitely going to be chasing, so why bet in €50's just because youve won.

But most punters are certain they are right and you cannot teach a person who already bets to bet in the correct way. Its too easy to make excuses, but there are no excuses, you either have it or you dont. Its as simple as that.

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