Monday, April 6, 2009


Nice half day here, won a small few quid off ATR. I think sometimes people let the time difference effect them massively, its not impossible to still win money in running, you just have to be aware that some people are ahead of you picture wise and remember its all part of the game these days. Relax and let things happen, dont push it too much because you cant when 4 seconds or so behind, expect not to get matched sometimes because it happens. Expect nothing with the time delay and you wont be disappointed, no point letting it get in the way because you cant change it.

Horse Racing: EUR28.61 Total P&L: EUR28.61

Anyway, its monday night and its €1 entrance before midnight and €2 a drink in XXI tonight, I will be there with bells on. I'm a little nervous about it though as its came to my attention lately that I have a stalker. Its a very serious matter and one I'm deeply concerned about, a man has been following me around for the past while and has been copying my dance moves. I'm not joking, hes even made a video..

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