Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Didnt have a bet yesterday as I was in college and same today and tomorrow, have exams coming up at the end of the month so have to get those out of the way and hopefully not have to repeat, its worth the effort now. Anyway, managed to get home in time for the last few races, glad the flat is back as it suits my style much more and ended up with a nice profit from just five races. Also gets me over the €3,000 mark in less than six weeks which I'm delighted about. Off to watch the football with no idea whos gonna win tonight between Liverpool and Chelsea, still gutted over Uniteds result last night, impossible to call results on football these days.

Horse Racing: EUR63.79 Total P&L: EUR63.79


  1. Hi there..

    I have a question, are you actually gambling with the horses or trading?

    And if your actually gambling, how do you choose who to back/ lay?


  2. Hi Jenny.

    I'm an in running player on the horses, from home though and off ATR and RUK. Never tried trading and to be honest have absolutely zero interest in it, I wouldnt be able to sit here all day and do it without getting bored.

    If you read hes a very good trader but has said he knows absolutely nothing about horses! He just goes by market movements etc I couldnt do that I prefer to take my chances on one I fancy but as every gambler knows there are just days when you fancy nothing, so you either become a trader or bet in running those days, I bet in running.

    Its very hard to answer your second question, but I go Irish racing every weekend and have a good handle on the form over here, while will go through the card at the big meetings in England, but my pre-race betting is mainly done in Ireland.