Thursday, April 23, 2009


What a day! Unbelievable luck with the tie on the second IPL match today, I was €270 red Rajasthan and €150 red Kolkata, it ended a tie which voids the market, I was delighted! Two brilliant games today and great for trading if you were doing the right things, I was in fantastic form in the first match between Chennai and Delhi, and was €200 all green by the start of the second innings. Havent got much free time at the minute so popped down to the gym after I went all green, by the way never go to the gym without an iPod, it was terrible.

Came back and basically was just useless on the second game, was all red for €50 and tried to get back into the market, made myself all red for €150 and couldnt do a thing right really, thank god it was a tie! Lost €50 on the super over after it and looking back now it was really stupid to have a bet on it, I was so hyper after the tie though I wasnt thinking. Anyway, took bet365 to the cleaners today on the cricket and the screen shots below, they were way off the mark with their handicap lines.

Cricket: EUR146.41 Total P&L: EUR146.41


  1. you might want to try Aussie bookmaker specialising in cricket, licensed in the UK as well. Competitive margins, very sharp but won't close you down. Might be worth a look once 365 shut you off for being too clued up!

  2. Cheers for that, never heard of them! Was looking at sportingindex all the time for test cricket but wouldnt be too keen on it I dont think, prefer to be just given a line.