Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Arent the blonde cheerleaders at the IPL amazing? Yeah they are! Anyway, played the cricket like a complete mug today, not because of the cheerleaders though I only noticed them when I was all red. Was minus €80ish both teams and I laid €6,000 at 1.01 near the end, the odds bounced out to 1.05 but did I trade out, nope! I'm a greedy bugger and was waiting for the price to hit the 1.1 mark or so, didnt happen but I'm not too worried about it as its not too big of a loss and I'll move on without giving it much thought.

Fantastic day on the horses finishing €550 in profit on them for today, delighted with that, mostly down to Ladies Best at Epsom. Backed it win and place and Betfair, also E/W in Paddy Power, he ran a cracker to finish 4th and would have finished much closer had he got a better run through. Backed a horse in Ireland after with Paddy Power aswell, took 2/5 but got paid at 4/9 with their guaranteed price rule which is nice I suppose. Wont be having a bet on the footie tonight so its an early finish and off to the pictures to relax and hold hands, hopefully she'll pay, if she doesnt I'm coming home for the second half.

Cricket: -EUR166.96 | Horse Racing: EUR268.02 Total P&L: EUR101.06

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  1. Admire your betting style and the confidence you have in your selections.

    I'm currently messing about with an £800 bank, trying out a low risk strategy to build slowly towards £2k. Frankly, it's a pain most of the time. I certainly wish I'd chucked £500 on Tommy Robredo this morning, he was never going to lose, but I'm keeping my discipline and greening up for £2's and £3's.

    So good luck, think you'll make plenty of money, don't focus too much on your target, just let the bets come to you.