Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Played the cricket well again today and caught an early flip flop in the Punjab v Kolkata match. Went all green pretty quickly as there was rain about and I thought the D/L would help the team I laid, they won in the end and its always nice to win money even though youve been wrong really by laying them at a point. Most times when I enter a cricket market, I go in with the thinking of the team I'm laying winning the match, but view it as all about where the odds will go. I think it actually helps me because in the back of my head I'm nearly ready to lose if things to pear shaped, its hard to explain.

But laying isnt always about teams or players losing full stop, its about what way the odds will go and greening up (or reducing liability). Say for example I lay €400 at 1.6, whatever it may be keep the red under €300 or so, if the odds on the team I've laid are creeping back to evens I'll feed a bit of my green back at evens and make your red say €150 to €100, depends how confident you are at the time really but always feed a bit back when youve got your flip flop. Then depending on what happens next you have lots of options, say the team youve laid are in a stronger position you can basically still back them and go zero both sides and move on, or on the other hand their odds might keep going out and you can green out as you please. But never leave a big red until the death in limited over cricket, no matter what.

Erm, I dont exactly know what to say about the football, 4-4 again! Basically, who was laying Arsenal at 6.2 before the game, and even more so at 2.7 after the first goal and 2.4ish at half time, I know they won their bet but still think of value. The market couldnt believe for a minute Arsenal were going to win. I had €300 on Arsenal at 6 on Betfair before kick off and couldnt believe how high they were at half time, I was never going to green at that price. I was sitting here calling Liverpool names when they came back to 2-1, but at 3-2 to Arsenal greened out (bottled it!!) for €500 at 1.7 or so, it was a bit of a panic move pressing the enter button a lot harder than usual!

Still cant believe it finished 4-4, I was dancing around the room at 4-3 to Arsenal, gutted at the end but the P&L makes it feel a bit better that I got money out of it at least, but still gutted. Delighted to see Stevie Gerrard on sky sports though after it, he so didnt want to be there, even though Arsenals first goal was a full yard onside the linesman might have given it offside because "its at the kop end and its very loud." Ah yeah Stevie..

Cricket: EUR115.43 | Soccer: EUR476.00 Total P&L: EUR591.43

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