Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Fantastic. Fantastic. Fantastic. United through to the Champions League final. FANTASTIC!

Missed a lot of the cricket today because I had an exam, but never trust Kolkata to do anything, they are pants. The captain is so annoying too, normally dont have a go at players but he really is poor, and somehow he always ends up being in the right place and the wrong time for the team. He drops catches, wastes balls when batting and cant hit the stumps from where he fields. They are a poor team overall though without Gayle and I wont be betting on them to do anything in the future, they cannot be trusted.

Just trying to study for law tomorrow and its not happening because RTE are brilliant..
Dunphy to Souness "You dont know what your talking about"
Souness to Dunphy "Where did you manage?"
Dunphy "Er, er, er"

Cricket: -EUR81.11 | Soccer: EUR10.59 Total P&L: -EUR70.52

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