Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Cannot believe Barca are through to the final, unreal. Anyway, a really poor day here, greed kills and it really hurt me today. None of my bets were that poor, it was just the way I played them that was very bad.

First off, the cricket was a disaster. Laid Mumbai at 1.4 for €1,000 and when I got my flip flop, Deccan were trading at 1.7 or so and I didnt go all green, why not! I was letting it ride because I thought the total was far too much for Mumbai to chase. Mumbai start hitting sixes and fours and I back out, then they fall apart and for some reason chasing the market because I feel like a mug, I lay Deccan at 1.3 and it leaves me with -200 on Deccan. It was just so poor. I was level before the 1.3 lay, losing nothing, move on, but no. I should have been all green early that was the point and my greed made a mess of things.

The soccer was much the same, I had €100 on over 2.5 goals and €100 on over 4.5 goals. The plan was for an early Barca goal and the game would open up, I also thought and said to friends that if Chelsea scored first that was that. Why didnt I trade out then because both markets fell in price, greed. Very annoying basically today because I called things right and worked myself into great positions only to blow it.

But I'll learn from this today, the cricket did hurt. Just because I'm over €10,000 now on the challenge and won €5,000 in so many days doesnt mean a win of €100 on a market isnt fantastic, I'm going for €200 and €300 now when I shouldnt, its being greedy. And its probably too much to ask on every market. From tomorrow onwards I'm going back to basics, try and get green early, that was always the plan at the start of the challenge, win €50 a day. Its been successful so why change. The truth is, you chip away every day and take as little risks as possible without liability going over €250 and if you win it all adds up very quickly. I've taken out a good bit from Betfair and gone back to just €700 in the account now to play with in the next few days, just to make sure I dont lose €400 in a day again, its happened twice this week and its unacceptable put simply.

Cricket: -EUR197.02| Soccer: -EUR200.00 Total P&L: -EUR397.02


  1. unlucky with today mate, Just don't be too down as i am sure that you will learn from the mistakes.
    Have to say that i have been following the blog from the start and your knowledge and results have impressed me a lot.

    Just wondered if you have a set strategy that you wmploy for the cricket? or do you take your positions based soley on how the game is going?

    anyway keep up the great work mate,

    the ironhorse

  2. Cheers.

    I did have an idea of a strategy with the bookies in 20/20, back under the line both opening batsmen, but I'm not around for every game so picking random games doesnt really help with keeping results. I still think its profitable though, and I dont think I never lost the whole bet, always got at least one out when I did it.

    On Betfair, I just go with how I feel the game is going, theres a lot of big players in the market and most times the odds are way off from where they should be. I'd say most times I take on the market, feeling something is going to happen. I dont normally go in the same direction as the market, only when greening up. Thats probably the reason I get stung some days taking on the market.