Saturday, May 9, 2009


Gambling when very hungover is never a good idea. Exams finished yesterday so no bet on Betfair at all yesterday and didnt make it out of bed until around half two today for the last IPL game. Not one flip flop for the whole match and a 1.01 train towards the end, I was probably never going to win anyway so the loss hasnt bothered me in the slightest because its bound to not go your way a few games every week. I had no chance to go all green and never even a chance to go level really, I cant complain I was just wrong the first time I entered the market.

Want to get things together quickly now because I think I've lost overall on the games this week. Although its been a really busy week with exams and early mornings, delighted its finished and can do things as I want now. Have to say I'm not a fan of being woken up early, happiness starts tomorrow!

Cricket: -EUR312.62 Total P&L: -EUR312.62

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  1. Hello Stephen , well done on your success so far. I have added your link to my blog which I have started and I was wondering if you would do the same.

    Thanks and Regards