Sunday, May 10, 2009


Just back from Leopardstown so no bet on Betfair today. I did have €200 on Fame And Glory at evens for the challenge before I left though, so it was a winning day and a nice day at the races too.

Have the Betfair screen shot for the week here and it doesnt look good at all, -€1,090 for the week and thats pretty terrible by anyones standards. I've just checked my records though and I was on €10,710 last sunday night and after today I'm €10,702 so it was a brilliant week with the bookies. Although I havent won anything this week its been a good one getting exams out of the way, I presume results for this week wouldnt be good enough if I had a family to support and the likes but that type of thing doesnt effect me thank god, but I understand how it can get to some people though, and I've often thought that if I did ever have a family I'd probably get a job if I wasnt very, very successful gambling. In general though wifes seem to be annoying so I think I'll hold off on ordering one from wifes-are-us just yet.

Tiger in the last group tonight, I'm on!

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