Friday, May 15, 2009


I dont think a cricket team has ever annoyed me as much as Delhi did today, my god, to the point of shouting at the tv, which very rarely happens me but they just did so many things wrong. No balls, wides, mis-fields, dropped catches, poor bowling. I lost count how many mis-fields went for four when it should have should been one. Even when they were batting the last four overs were terrible, yes I'm book talking but I expect a certain level of performance from a team, THREE no balls in ONE over is unacceptable. Hes lucky the free hits didnt go for six. In my mind they should have easily won the game. I had to withdraw all the money in my William Hill account so I wouldnt back over the runs line half way through their innings.

Reading the forum on Betfair and talking to friends, the general feeling is nearly everyone lost. A good mate lost over €3,000. It was a hard game I suppose, I laid Delhi while they were batting when AB came in and was stuck with it for the whole match after that, went all red with a few overs to go, I still feel let down by the effort from them. Anyway, what can you do. The horses picked up a bit today but in running still seems a bit harder than it was, less money in the market to my eye although people will argue that point. Might take a day off tomorrow, we'll see.

Cricket: -EUR272.72 | Horse Racing: EUR69.84 | Special Bets: EUR47.65 Total P&L: -EUR155.23

Just took out a few quid and left €350 in the Betfair account, I'm going to try win €20 for the next few days or not lose, I'm not enjoying the big swings each day, maybe I'm trying to be too clever. Still pissed off over that cricket. I've worked out what I'm doing wrong though I think, getting involved while the first innings is on, need to wait until thats over then go into market. I love laying 1.2 and 1.3 shots but you cant do it when youre all red or in a poor position, you cant chase the market either. Poor day, theres been days I've thousands and felt better. Three no balls in one over what a joker.

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