Sunday, May 17, 2009


Poor enough day here again on the cricket, just cant buy a bit of good judgement lately, every time I enter the market its going the wrong way I want it to. It happens though and its just me a touch out of form. The confidence goes and its hard to pick trades at the moment. Anyway today, Deccan needed 5 off the last 4 balls and didnt win, I would have won over €450 if they did but thats the game, I was never trading out there either at that point. The second game, about one minute after coming into the market wickets started falling and it went totally against me, laid at 1.7 and it was 1.2 in no time. Really hope its a draw in the test match, I'll be doing a rain dance I think because I dont have much faith in the West Indies batting out, delighted I laid my stake back would be more than a tad nervous now!

Cricket: -EUR236.69 | Special Bets: EUR95.30 Total P&L: -EUR141.39

Been a tough week on Betfair again, and thank god things are going well with the bookies the times I do bets with them, normally though the more I fancy something the more likely I am to back it with the bookies so that might explain it a bit, but I still want to improve the Betfair weekly P&L, the days I'm unsure of things are the days I stay away from the bookies. I suppose at least theres no sign of paying premium charge here! I was looking into using Betdaq for bets I dont want to play in running but we'll see how that goes, will have a look around it tonight. I'm also really, really happy to be over the €11,000 mark at the moment after two very difficult weeks.

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