Monday, May 18, 2009


WHOS THE DADDY!! Just finished bouncing around the room, wow the cricket was close, some people will never understand because they dont give the sport a chance but it really is amazing at times, its annoying when people say its boring when it clearly isnt. Been a really long time since I was that nervous watching the last few overs and its been an even longer time since I won over €1,000 on Betfair in one day. I didnt win €1,000 overall as I had bookie bets on the draw in the test, the screen shots are there in a few posts below, but wow that felt good. It means a lot more too because its been going so poorly lately, to win €500 on an IPL game is fantastic! (And I had €2 green on the other team!)

Anyway calming down, it was the weather v England this morning, I think everyone knew it before play started. Probably a mistake not going all green on the 3rd day but I thought the West Indies would do better to be honest, I know the ball was swinging but they basically didnt really look too good the last few sessions. Won €524.15 off Betfair from the test, lost €500 to the bookies, the Betfair bet was just laying off as I wrote the other day, thank god I did. Also, coming into the market second innings in limited over cricket really paid off today, you cant do that in tests and I'm still struggling with the time scales of each day - how many overs bowled etc.

Played a good few races today but only getting matched for €2 and €3 at times. Its hard and when the IPL is over I'll be doing the horses each day, hopefully I'll be a bit quicker and the race reading skills will come back a bit. I think you nearly have to be doing it every day to be in good touch, although I'm not good enough for pre-race betting on English racing each day. Lastly, I was thinking in the gym morning, I'm going to stay away from the bookies and focus on Betfair for a couple of days. We'll see what happens in regard to prices etc but I want my Betfair weekly P&L to improve from the last two weeks.

Cricket: EUR1,000.56 | Horse Racing: EUR25.12 Total P&L: EUR1,025.68

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