Monday, May 11, 2009

Cricket - Runs Line Strategy

Having finished college completely I'm around more and can finally give this a proper go. I have €400 in bet365 from yesterdays win on Fame And Glory so I'll start with that, I'm giving it €500 in total, in two parts - one of €150 on each batsman and then if that loses - a second go of €100 on each batsman. I'll be backing under the line on bet365 both opening batsmen every innings this week in the IPL, its something I've talked about before and I think its profitable, we'll see how it goes this week anyway and if I lose the €500 I'll leave it at that and accept its not worth it. Both lines are normally over 20 runs and with the feild set in the first six overs, batsmen can normally fly over the line or get out early. Having €150 on both of them at 5/6 to get under, if one gets one and the other gets over the line - you lose €25, while if both get out you win €250. Theres players I'm not too keen on backing under the line like Hayden and theres games when a team is chasing a low total - I wouldnt be too keen backing under the lines there either, but I'm doing it every innings this week regardless of anything. If the first lot of €150 bets lose, I'll go to €100 on each, but will be mainly €150 until I lose. I dont except to win on every game but hopefully its a good start today, theres some great opening batsmen in todays game, it would be terrible to start a system and it fails the first game!

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