Thursday, May 21, 2009

William Hill A Bit Off The Mark?

Bangalore v Deccan at Centurion, about to kick off around half three or so. Centurion is probably the easiest pitch to score runs on of any of the grounds in the IPL and we should get a high scoring game if the past games are anything to go by. William Hill go 5/6 both under and over 32.5 in the total match boundaries market, its a standard price and line set for the games really, but this ground is more easy to score off than normal. We've just had a match there a few minutes ago and there was over 35 fours in the game and the first team only posted 165ish in the first innings, the boundaries are very small, the outfield is quick and the pitch is flat, its a lovely sunny day by the looks of it over there too although most of this game will be under lights.

Basically, I think 5/6 for OVER 32.5 is massive value at this ground. Look at Betfair, the total fours market is around evens for between 24 and 34, with bigger than evens being offered for under 25 fours. There isnt much money in the total sixes market, but under 9 has been traded around 1.6 but I'm sure that will go higher, and between 10 and 13 is currently evens and will probably settle around 3. With William Hill youre getting fours and sixes in the one bet, it goes without saying obviously its up to the players and bowlers but both teams arent the most fantastic at bowling over the whole competition but their battling looks brilliant on paper. Kallis, Taylor, Dravid, Boucher, Van Der Merwe, Gilchrist, Gibbs, Sharma, Symonds and Suman - thats a nice list to have on your side and hopefully the bowlers dont have an amazing game. I really think this is a good proper bet win or lose.

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