Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Warwickshire v Kent, I dont think I've ever been so gutted in my whole life! How it managed to finish a tie I'll never know, I totally blame the batting side, they knew what they had to get to be ahead on the D/L. Fancied Warwickshire for most of the match and was happily €200ish all green after backing them above evens and laying at 1.4 or so, then a few wickets fall and the Kent odds come down to 1.1 with a long way to go and just being a bit cheeky I laid it for €2,000. It starts to rain a bit but not enough to go off and the market is now in a panic flip flopping nearly every over for D/L, so I'm €1,200 all green at this stage thinking brilliant!

How it finished a tie, honestly. They needed four to be ahead and they get two, I think off seven or eight balls I cant remember while it was raining! What makes it even worse is I then lay the tie at all odds lower than 1.3 when the covers where on but it was looking to be getting a bit brighter and the cut off time was half an hour away, it stops raining for ten minutes, the covers come off and then they call off the game, I lose €140 and the sun comes out and it looks a lovely evening. Gutted.

Anyway on to the IPL, and seriously no chase is easy for any team, but you would expect to chase down 100 on any pitch even under lights with no worries, Kolkata dont ever do the "no worries" way of doing things though and I was happily all red quickly for €150 in that game, backed them at 1.3 during Rajasthans innings but never laid off at 1.11 at the break, bit silly but I thought they were certain to get the runs, my bottle went after four wickets went down for so little runs. They ended up winning but I dont like those type of games to leave bets running.

The second game was the exact same really, a team at low odds chasing a low total. And after been burned on the first game I learned my lesson, laid Punjab at 1.25 and that rescued the day for me. So a small loss on the day but it was looking so much worse until around ten minutes ago. Nice to have an evening off with no sport to relax, go to the cinema, hold hands and get something to eat. Really looking forward to the 1st ODI between England and the West Indies tomorrow, and with the thoughts that the Champions League final in Rome is only a week away.

Cricket: -EUR39.36 Total P&L: -EUR39.36

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