Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Have to say I enjoyed my day off yesterday and will continue to take every Monday off, traded the cricket while waiting for the girlfriend to get ready to go out (about an hour by the way!) playing with €20, ended up €8 all green, I was calling things amazingly! Why doesnt that happen when I'm betting with €200. Anyway, have a feeling about English cricket and I'll explain it a bit further down in this post.

On to the golf, Lucas Glover, who saw that coming? Not me. I honestly had him marked down as one of the biggest bottlers on the tour, the guy used to bottle normal PGA events never mind majors. After laying so many at the top I was in a poor enough position heading into the last day, just needed someone to put on a charge and pressure them, that ended up being Mickelson. He traded at 1.65, I wasnt here so I'm not too sure about what I would have done, I could have easily gone on green but my general feeling is I would have definitely let it run. No faith in Glover but he played brilliant and fair played to him, slightly wondering whether to give up the golf betting after it however.

No complaints though, out of all the players I wanted to lay in the lead he was the very, very first on my list, I'm a good bit disappointed he managed to win scoring above par on the final round. What I would complain about is the fact everytime I manage to get over the €13,000 mark something out of the ordinary happens or I do something silly, lose normally around €300 and come back down under it. Highly annoying! Play well and work hard to get it back and the same thing happens again, its been like that for a few weeks now, some of the lads are starting with the "13 unlucky for some," I'm starting to agree, but will try work my way slowly but surely past it. Hopefully, it'll be fantastic to get over €14,000 and forget about all the troubles at €13,000, thats a long way off though.

Thinking about the challenge aside for the minute, English cricket is back on sky every day now the world 20/20 is over. And its completely different to international level and even more different to the IPL, I'm delighted they dont run side by side, its difficult to get into the English Domestic trading, ONE WORD - MOMENTUM! Have to go with the momentum, different from the IPL with all the massive swings, and theres less of it at international level but its still very important. But I feel anyway in English cricket it pays to be going with the market rather than against it, the IPL I'd take a stand where as I'd be less likely to take the market on in England, unless the price was miles off, and you do get market manipulation. Theres also less market movement in regards to over reactions to a six, a wicket or whatever. But anyway, feel the momentum of the game and you wont go far wrong.

Goes without saying, I want to be in a good position etc to sort it out and obviously its sport so anything can happen, English cricket isnt that hard to trade once youre relaxed, dont panic and feel which way its going. It does follow a trend that once batsmen hit out there tends to be a few high scoring overs and while the bowling team have the squeeze on there tends to be low scoring overs maybe followed by a wicket. Partnerships are more important and there tends to be less randomness to it (20/20 aside maybe) than most other cricket. There does be a lot of short boundaries so bowling is the key, normally you dont get fantastic bowlers, from my experience its pays to watch the team batting first without having a bet (mostly because its so hard to know whats a goos score on English wickets) and then feel the momentum in the second innings, dont be greedy (learned that the hard way) and no lumping on at short prices.

Anyway, it was alright match tonight, had all my green on Middlesex after laying hamps in the 1.3s (after backing at 1.46), went all green at the flip flop but was favouring Middlesex until they started needing 2 a ball with 4 or 5 overs to go. I did have over €500 green on Middlesex at one stage and €4 green on hamps, so it was alright to win just under €70 on the market while not favouring the winning team throughout. Lost a bit getting tie insurance, just in case. The golf has been my only losing market for over a week on betfair, although a big loss and wipes out nearly most of the profit thats grand, things like that wont happen all the time and I'll just keep ticking over hopefully!

Cricket: EUR66.46 | Golf: -EUR288.00 Total P&L: -EUR221.54

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