Sunday, June 21, 2009

Irish Racing (Currently +9.54pts)

I said when I came home I'd get this sorted so here it goes. On the side there, I've picked ten horses so far and the points profit stands at +9.54 so I'll start backing them now for the challenge. Just in case anyone is actually reading this, the horse I pick each day is NOT a tip, its what I'm backing and doing, I'll post it up here and you can laugh when it loses or think I'm the daddy when it wins!

Anyway, the idea is I pick a horse every day theres Irish racing on, except on Mondays which is now my day off every week, but instead of just putting it on the side I'll put it in a post with the reason I'm doing it etc and sure we'll see how it goes. But the main thing is, its NOT a tip. Using a points system seems to be the handiest way of keeping track of things so I'll do it that way, but for myself personally keeping records I'm giving it €1,000. And if I lose that then I'll give up on it.

1) 1pt = €25.

2) Maximum liability will be €250 (10pts).

3) The average bet will be 2pts each day, unless the racing looks impossible I'll move it to 1pt or go each way, but writing up a little paragraph is easier to explain confidence and all that. I'll very rarely go over €100 I reckon, but there is such a thing as a certainty in Ireland, and before anyone asks, yes they do finish second.

4) Will definitely be picking out lays as well as wins. Dont know how to keep track of that on a points system but will sort something out, I presume I'll lay it to a certain liability and then put that into points, "Lay for 5pts liability @ 6/4" sounds alright to me.

5) Not sure yet which way to go as regards placing the bets, thought about keeping it all on Betdaq because I'm not betting there at the moment, but cant be fully sure of money in the markets on Irish racing in the mornings, same with Betfair (even worse these days), will most likely go down the bookies road, they can hardly knock back €50 each day. Will post a screen shot with the post each day anyway.

6) Its just for the craic! I dont work for the Racing Post and I dont plan on working for the Racing Post, or ever having a tipping line and the likes etc, its picking a horse and putting my money on it, win or lose.

Anyway should be interesting enough, I won a competition tipping at the Irish meetings a few years ago, didnt get the prize because I was only 17, never backed them each day so this is new. But again, these are NOT tips, simply what I'll be doing each day on the Irish meetings. I like the idea of going through the card each day and having a bet regardless of the quality, even if its only small, be surprised how it improves your grasp on the form when it does come to the big meetings.

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