Thursday, July 9, 2009


Not much happening today as regards the P&L, just a quick update on my position on the 1st test, which is awful. After being heavily on England first up, it became pretty obvious the England attack is toothless, it doesnt bode well for having a chance of winning this test, or indeed any test in the seris. After a few trades I've managed to have my book like I've backed Australia at a touch under evens, equal red England and the draw. So I can only hope they post a good score for the time being, but will be getting out of it at some stage.

One thing I did learn today is I havent got the patience or the foresight for betting on test cricket over the whole five days. In the future I'll have to sit on my hands until maybe the last two days, or the last two innings. I was bored senseless watching the afternoon session today, one wicket in four hours I think someone said, and the England bowlers didnt even look dangerous. Whats scary is theyve looked good against The West Indies and it now looks like Windies were in their 'couldnt be bothered' mode and made England look good, I dont know to be honest I've been guessing at stuff all day. One of the main reasons I love cricket is because I'm fairly good at feeling the momentum, but today the 1st session was Englands, 2nd was draw backers, and 3rd was coming around to the fact Australia are in a fantastic position here and most probably England will be batting for a draw, and are they the most reliable team? Well no, I wouldnt like my whole bank on them batting for a draw for a day and a half.

At one stage I lumped on the draw, and was looking at €1,100 red England and Australia, €200 green the draw. Then I'm sat here thinking, what happens if the Aussies get a lead of 150 first innings (looks odds on now they do), England collapse second innings post say 250 and Australia are left to get 100-ish to win on the last day. I struggle so much with the time frame of test betting. Quickly got out of that bet at the same price, its looking certain I'll lose on the market but how much remains to be seen, I'd be delighted if I could keep it to around the €100 mark. At least I know what to do for the rest of the tests anyway, its just getting out of this one without too much damage thats the problem now.

Had a go at in running on the horses as planned but ended up losing most of what I won off the daily horse, very frustrating. But I think it was me being stupid rather than the market being too fast like other times, I also got a tip for a 16/1 winner in leopardstown that I didnt back, because I'm just that fantastic! It was one of those days I had to just turn off the computer and walk away, so went to see public enemies this evening, thought it was very good, I'd actually go again.

Cricket: -EUR7.38 | Horse Racing: EUR11.00 Total P&L: EUR3.62

Better than losing!

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