Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Some days everything goes pear shaped. What a disaster today was. I've been away from betfair most of the day and wasnt aware of the problems the site is having, theres a service announcement about it, the markets arent loading for some people etc. But every bet I "tried" (done!) on the cricket, the whole page reloaded, but the bet didnt appear on the screen. I entered it three times thinking it hasnt gone through, but after half an hour on the phone to Betfair their saying is was going through I just didnt know it (as it wasnt coming up in my bets!).

Anyway, wanted to lay Yorkshire for €500 at 1.45, ended up doing it three times with a liability ending up at just under €750! By the time I closed firefox, did the normal thing deleting cookies etc, open back up the market to see what I've gone and done, horrible feeling. Whats worse is the price was moving down fast too, I got out of the bet thankfully, all red for €200 is OK considering I suppose. It was a losing trade anyway, I've just made it worse x3, tried to make it a bit better but actually gone and made it worse again for an extra €50, so €250 all red, the game hasnt finished but I've a massive headache and just going to give up for the day.

Just watched the daily horse finish 4th after backing him each way. That hasnt helped matters, or my mood. Not a happy man. Thinking about having a week off, or a few days at least. And also giving up the daily horse thing, make it more select so I dont have to do it everyday. I'll put up something on the side everyday but not back it, only when I post. Wasnt too keen on todays card and just a bit gutted he finsihed 4th so it wont be everyday now it'll just be when I like the look of the card. I'll see how I feel in the morning as regards the time off, I'm proper pissed off right now and have that really fed up feeling, will probably feel different when I calm down.

Anyway no P&L line as it hasnt finished but heres the screen shot..


  1. Whats made this ten times worse is Worcestershire have won, gutted.

  2. Just seen, Unbelievable to be perfectly honest. I looked at your screenshot and saw Worcestershire at 8.6 or whatever, but im certain before i left work the commentators were saying Yorkshire were in huge trouble chasing the score. Feel for you man. Hope things pick up soon!

  3. Yeah it was a fairly OK score though on the pitch, thats why I wanted to lay them, but not for €1,500 obviously! Still seething.

    Just shows you cant trade when the numbers are out of your comfort zone. Should have won money really without the three bet mix up.

  4. chin up marsbar we know your the daddy, bit of golf tomorrow to ease the pain?

  5. Haha just on msn "youve received a new email from Declan the daddy" youre some gayer.

    Yeah we'll see what the weathers like, still sitting on my hands for the first innings of the Ashes.

    Sign into msn there.

  6. Yer, I see, not your fault though, Ive seen peopl complaining about it before on the forum, Not happened to me before but i'd b seething if it did!

    Im gonna do the same, lost a little on 1st test now just gonna wait until i see a good opening. Whats your golf handicap?

  7. Have it at 12, goes up when I'm playing my dad though! Very rarely use shots scoring, maybe once every two months something like that, play ryder cup style. Much better for rubbing it in, more pressure and a better laugh! Its grand if you mess up on a hole too, big believer in golf shouldnt be taken so seriously.