Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Woeful evening. Bit annoyed I've lost on darts again, and thats puts me on a loss overall this year on it, might stay away from it for the rest of the week. But more so because I came home to bet on the cricket and it was called off, end up trading the darts instead and I was just woeful, no other word to describe it. The Part v Van Der Voort match did most of the damage, two of them were playing poorly but not as poorly as I traded the market. No complaints with anything, it was all me. Useless.

Darts: -EUR286.68 Total P&L: -EUR286.68

I always like to take out a few quid from Betfair after a losing day, handy enough for not going on tilt and I've just left €150 in the account now for tomorrow. Just thinking in the last half hour, I'm a bit tired from bouncing up and down each week with the total, want more consistency in my betting and everything else that goes with it, its no good losing €100 and then winning €100 etc etc. Want to improve that, and thinking more about it, if I win €30 a day each month thats €900 a month. Add a few things that youre good at and a few strong fancies and you could hit €1,500 a month, which I'd happily take no questions asked. Win €50 a day and its €1,500 a month, its only when you sit down and think about it, it all adds up so quickly. Sometimes I forget that and push a bit too hard.

For the time being anyway I'm going to try and con my way to €30 or so each day for the next while, I dont like targets each day because it could lead to chasing and a bad day then becomes a terrible day. But will play it small and try to settle in to a bit of consistency for the rest of the week, with as little risks as possible. That Definitive Edge edge bet yesterday was a good example of money for nothing, I know some people really hate arbers but at the end of the day if you can win money from it, so what if people dont like it. Wont focus on it but really feel I can pick out a few each week in Ireland fairly handy that could get me around €100 for nothing each week, and just stick to what I'm doing but in smaller stakes and aim for more consistent results each week, stop the bouncing around and keep moving forward, even if its a slow process.

I struggle with my staking an awful lot, good example being tonight, probably trading the numbers I would have done on the cricket but on darts. Have to sort out that too. I cant complain too much overall like, I just hate losing! Just more consistency will help me along, it breaks my heart to add €100 to the total for three or four days in a row and then get knocked back with a €300 losing day.


  1. unlucky on the darts, I have had my fingers burnt so many times trying to trade the darts! just too many bottlers in my opinion.

    Do you have anything at naas tonight? interesting maiden with the 2 unraced obrien horses?

    hope you've had a winning day


  2. Yeah I agree, good few missed doubles last night.

    I tend to never back the two year olds first time out, so will be just watching later, the ground will be fairly soft too been raining all day. Cant back Drumbeat either even if he wins be 10L.

    Haha, havent had a bet yet! Will get involved in the cricket after the first innings.

  3. Jesus that was impressive, will come on an absolute ton too wasnt wound up at all for that. Beat trees though.

  4. yes have to agree, i don't think the second horse is that bad either, the way it was gambled.
    Could not of been more impressed with that though first time on a racetrack!!!