Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Great hours trading this evening, how in gods name Lancs were down to 1.15 after 7 or 8 overs was insane! Absolutely insane. Laid 1.17 and 1.26 for just about €850 and got €50 matched at 8 on Surrey, the top price on offer that the time, I was cuffed. Didnt think Surrey would go as low as they did (1.25 ish), I went all green at 1.6 Lancs, bit disappointed it rained straight after because with the out field wet I would have let the trade run a bit more (easier to score runs). But at the time I was actually delighted with €150 all green and was pretty nervy while in the market, funny how a knock of confidence like yesterday affects everything. Probably on a normal day I might have let it run a bit more to the flip flop but I was keen to get out as quick as I could.

When I'm full of confidence, the market doesnt really scare me into making moves but when your confidence is low it does make you think youre wrong, even when youre not really. But I actually laughed at the screen when I saw 1.15 to lay, it was a nice way to get back to winning ways after yesterdays shocker. If yesterday didnt happen, I would have definitely won more tonight, I know that sounds cocky but I didnt have the confidence to let my position run as far as I would normally, I was scared of losing to be honest. A bad way to be. But a winning day today gets rid of yesterdays memories.

What can you do about confidence, pretty much nothing. Its just the moment, you cant make yourself confident all of a sudden while trading, and being over confident comes back to bite you too. One of those things in the head you cant explain, what makes some people listen to tipsters or what someone else thinks? Is it because they think their better than they are? No ones better than anyone else, but you still listen to other people, explain that one! Sod thinking about it I'm going to watch TV and relax, onwards and upwards to tomorrow!

Cricket: EUR147.50 Total P&L: EUR147.50

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