Monday, July 27, 2009


God I'm glad I'm going away for a few days tomorrow, had a real shocker today. I dont normally complain about sportsmen or teams often, but I feel I can have a right moan about Durham, they were woeful. I dont have enough words to describe how bad they were, but anyway maybe my bet on them after they were four down was too big, but some of the shots they played, if I didnt laugh at them I'd cry. All I wanted was them to knock around a few single or twos, keep their heads, just for 2 or 3 overs and get themselves in, but I got wild swinging and running. It was awful to watch. The worse thing about it was the odds, obviously the market could see how brainless they were but the runs, overs left, pitch and outfield were all basically in their favour so I thought I was getting value all the time because the prices were in the 1.1s etc.

Having €250 on them four down maybe was too big a bet, and that was my mistake, but I still feel let down by them. Now here comes the bit were I let myself down, the second game was Sussex v Warwickshire and basically my trading was pants. I had the Durham game still on my brain and it showed, I should have just walked away but I've gone and lost an extra €140, not happy. My first bet was €200 on Sussex too at evens, Warks got off to a good start and after losing on the first game I didnt have the bottle to let the bet run so went €50 all red. Then tried to make it better late on, make it worse through some terrible trading, while on the phone too at the same time. Just a shocker of an evening, no real excuses just Durham being woeful, but I had too much on. The second game was all my fault, a proper poor day after a few good days and I'm glad to be getting on a plane to Goodwood in the morning.

Welds last two runners in Galway were very disappointing, although the one in the bumper I'd give another chance too on better ground. The one I backed in the 8-10 was terrible though, went down to 6/4 too! Maybe should have laid off because that was a terrible price, I thought he'd go off around 9/4, I thought he'd win though. But it was alright no real damage done, just minus €50 on the horses overall for today, the cricket did the real damage, been a long while since I lost over €400 in one day. I'm still happy with the last few days overall and cant be too depressed, it'll probably work out to be a good kick up the arse going to Goodwood, I'll focus more. Theres not really too much I can say, was just a bad day on my part and I dont feel like I did anything very wrong really. I maybe need to work out the days for betting big and the days for betting not so big, that might be the one thing I'll take from today. Not the end of the world!

Cricket: -EUR384.96 | Horse Racing: EUR190.40 Total P&L: -EUR194.56


  1. Did the same today, im a tennis trader myself and could have gone green after a set a piece but cos of a loss before hand it affected me and ended up losing when i should have been in profit.

    I didnt think i did anythong wrong, just went against me today, knock of my confidence though, i guess i'll have to try to be more disciplined in future.

    Good luck at goodwood, not there this year but been on falmouth day last 3 years and loved it, Peeping Fawn! loved that filly.

  2. i meant nassau stakes day ;)