Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Goodwood - Come On Rip

Have to say I really enjoyed Goodwood yesterday, far more relaxed than Ascot and youre able to enjoy yourself more, I suppose theres less group ones but still you have good horses. There'll be more pressure today though because Rip Van Winkle lines up at 3-25, I'm just out of bed so havent read the papers, but everyone back home is talking about a foot problem so I'm sure its been reported in the Racing Post and he'll probably drift as people like to latch on to these things. But if he runs theres nothing wrong with him and thats a fact, I havent seen the horse this week but there was a problem reported before the 2000G and then at Sandown too, both times there was nothing wrong with him, so from my point of view right now I'll take it with a pinch of salt. Maybe AP's just wanting something to fall back on should he get beat, I'd guess thats the reason.

I seriously want the horse to win! Not lumping on by any means, probably have €100 or something around that on course to shout for him more you know but hes a hard horse to explain. If you seen him in Tipperary honest to god youre stood there saying wow, hes amazing, then he just doesnt do it on the track, but funnily enough at the same time he always finds a way to look like the best horse in the race while getting beat. I cant work him out anyway, but I would love it Kevin Keegan style if he won today, just to shut a few people up more than anything, hes a lovely horse. I know people always slag him off for being "over rated" but as I said see him at home and all you can say is wow, Johnny picks in the big races for a reason. Hopefully he cruises it today.

Anyway all that aside, yesterday went well after an early flight, my biggest win on the horses was laying Main Aim, thats what I logged into Betfair mobile to do, but then after having one or two drinks started having €20 on the last few races to mirror what I was backing on course. Very silly really and it wont be happening today, although if Rip goes over 2/1 I'll back him for the challenge too.

I'll have to go to gamblers anonymous when I get home, we obviously had a early flight and were knackered after the day straight through to hotel and then the race course by train, so we stayed in our hotel and ordered room service last night. While the girlfriends fast asleep beside me I've my laptop on, Betfair open, earphones in and trading a cricket match off a live stream. But I'd seriously not recommend trading off the internet! I was fairly all over the place switching between windows etc, you cant look at the market while looking at the match, and obviously people are miles ahead too. The fact I was watching a little box I couldnt really see the ball or anything. Talk about addicted, she has no idea this was happening either. Anyway, I won, whos the daddy! At one stage I had €700 on Bangladesh and only €80 or €90 red on West Indies, I know what a game to pick to trade at night on the internet two mad teams! Switched on to the Windies after a flip flop and kind of threw away some green, obviously did a few things wrong because I couldnt really see what was happening but I was delighted with the win and slept much better after.

Its Galways Plate day back home, it doesnt take much to say Weld will have a winner or two again today. I'd say Teach Nua will be backed off the boards if it hasnt rained, I've been told Northern Alliance is a non runner due to the ground so it must be bad, I was going to back him in it but hopefully Wins Now can do it for JP now. I thought Mullins would win the 3-45 and the first at 2-00 too, I hate backing against Weld though in galway, hopefully I can find somewhere to watch all the races from in Goodwood. A lot has changed with the ground though so I'm only guessing from over here, hope everyone has a good day, come on Rip!

Cricket: EUR168.56 | Horse Racing: EUR7.17 Total P&L: EUR175.73

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  1. well done m8 thanks for the injury info