Thursday, July 30, 2009


Just a quick update, still in Goodwood, yesterday was fantastic with Rip Van Winkle winning and it really was a brilliant day. Cricket didnt go too well very early this morning, trading from an internet stream again, laid Sri Lanka at 1.09, I must admit I looked at the P&L from yesterday before I laid it and then laid it for the total winnings from yesterday. Maybe shouldnt have gone that big but it was an amazing lay at that price with Pakistan needing 40ish at just a tiny bit over a run a ball, although I fully understand it was that price for a reason and I was playing with fire with the wickets down (tailenders only left). It was just about getting to the stage of greening out when the wicket fell, obviously its disappointing to lose, but losses like this dont really bother me because I know I've done the right thing as regard the odds.

In the third test, if Australia bat well all day tomorrow that basically rules out England winning for me (the odds reflect that though), but that the rate their scoring the draw seems a bit short so Australia are the bet for me at the moment. A middle order that includes Bell, Prior and an out of form Bopara doesnt inspire confidence no matter how good the pitch is, obviously the Aussies will have to bowl better, but bat well tomorrow and its a two horse race between them and the draw, and I think the draw is short. Hope it doesnt rain now. Only seen 20 minutes of it in the hotel room this evening but dont like the look of England in the field, its almost as if their going through the motions thinking its going to be a draw, I've watched The West Indies for long enough to know that type of attitude doesnt work. Rightly or wrongly I like the look of Australia here, lets see how England cope not batting first and getting a score on the board.

Anyway, nothing lost nothing gained over the last two days..

Cricket: -EUR321.78 | Horse Racing: EUR327.88 Total P&L: EUR6.10

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