Saturday, August 1, 2009


Good day yesterday. Cricket went well but felt a bit of a mug looking at the results when I saw the ground in Galway was soft to heavy and I'd had €250 on Universal Truth. No way I would have had that much on if I had known it was soft, still in Goodwood and guessing what the ground was like. Easy after the race to say but just felt a bit of fool having the bet without knowing what the ground was like, this only occurred to me after he lost though.

In the third test, got rid of my Australia back quickly yesterday morning, quite lucky because it was the only session I could watch. Laid the draw at 1.45 and watched it go out but was too stubborn on go all green (level after Australia trade) looking at how short the draw still was, obviously theres weather factored in and I ended up having to go all red for €60ish for the time being. Fly back on Sunday!

Cricket: EUR266.01 | Horse Racing: -EUR250.00 Total P&L: EUR16.01

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