Friday, July 17, 2009

Betfair Mobile And The 2nd Ashes Test

Anyone that hasnt used Betfair mobile I actually cant recommend it enough! I think its brilliant, although I thought it was free to use the first time I used it but the second time its cost a few cents but not enough to notice really. Amazing tool to have at the races, it might be my phone that makes it so good (Tocco Ultra) but I'm quite impressed with it anyway. 5 seconds refresh and single click if you want too, it almost works better than the main site for me, very helpful at Leopardstown last night. Really want to give in running a go from the course, but would be a small bit worried about clicking wrong buttons etc but it has to be tried at least once, sure youre 7 or so seconds ahead, I remember sitting in the stands at Navan one day watching ATR while watching in front of me, the delay is massive. I know SIS would be ahead of ATR but you'd still be ahead of SIS, we'll see anyway! This is my next money making scheme.

Anyway on to the Ashes, test cricket does itself no favours at times, why agree to play under lights and then go off because of the shadows. Do they think there wont be any when they agreed to play under lights? I dont blame the players for actually taking the light or the umpires for offering it to them, its the fools who come up with the idea of playing under the lights, surely they must of known the red ball is pretty much unplayable under lights, and youve a full house sitting there thinking they'll get another hours play and they dont. They should leave the lights out of it totally. Rant over!

Havent got involved in the match odds yet but will be starting from tomorrow morning, at the moment England are 1.55, Australia 10 and the draw 3.8, and I've pretty much no idea what to do at the moment. On the face of it England are looking a good bet at 1.55 but if Australia were to get a few runs in the morning and not follow on that price is only going one way and thats out, it cant come in much while England are batting surely.

Then you have the Aussies at 10, they might seem out of the game to some people but actually far from it. Suppose they follow on, and supposedly this pitch will get easier to bat on, they could have England chasing 250 or 300 on the last day and England collapse, or an even better possibility for them is England batting next and posting a low total, so just say Australia are chasing 450 on the last day, they wont be as high as 10 to chase that on this pitch if the sun is shining and the pitch is slow. I'd never back them now but I wouldnt lay 10.5 either, thats too high given what I've just said could happen.

So that leaves the draw and the draw backers, who I have to say after watching the market for most of the day are a fairly insane bunch of people. Some of the price movements today were mad, during the rain break the price went from 1.74 to 1.85 and then a wicket or two would fall and it made no difference! Sure enough it would go out a few ticks but it would be flying straight back in, it was the hardest thing not to lay it at 2.8 at one stage when Jimmy was bowling. But right now, the draw is a big runner in the market, the backers were just taking poor value today, the pitch is supposed to die on the last two days and I remember the Saffers batted out two and a half days here not too long ago when they had to follow on, so its not out of the question Australia could do the same. The price is a bit high looking at the moment should England bat next, not saying it will be a draw but England batting next would surely bring the price in a bit.

All in all, I've no idea. But I'll have a fair idea what I'm doing when I find out whats happening with the following on business. Messed about on the horses a bit while watching the cricket, if I was an 8 year old working in China I'd probably have made more money.

Horse Racing: EUR14.65 Total P&L: EUR14.65


  1. Coincidence time. I was writing a note about Betfair mobile at a similar time to you, having uploaded it earlier in the day. Bizarre.

  2. Haha I was just reading that too! Its the handiest tool I've ever used, the speed the other night at Leopardstown was unreal.