Thursday, August 20, 2009


Usain Bolt is amazing, absolutely amazing! Thats 0.11 secs off the 100M world record AND 200M world record in the space of a few days, unreal. Anyway, solid day today to get back to winning ways after the cricket disaster yesterday. Didnt really do anything out of the ordinary, just played simple and let things happen, was a few quid behind at one stage but didnt force things and just kept calm and eventually got back in front. Happy to finish up early with the P&L line near €20, only had a bank of €200 today so thats a proper good result.

By the way, did anyone see the Frank Spencer interview today on CH4 with Derek Thompson after the Yorkshire Oaks. I'm sorry but Spencer would want to cop himself on and grow up, I've never liked him after what happened in Ballydoyle, but isnt it great when everythings going fantastic you can wave at the other jockeys and make them look silly, but when it goes wrong and you finish second you cant even give a proper interview. If he wants to show off and give it the whole 'I'm the big man look at me' when he wins, at least have the courtesy to be nice when you lose. He didnt even do anything wrong, he was just beaten by the better horse on the day, and thats racing. I do be seething after losing some races and it hurts when its important, I know it does, but you still say well done to the winner, I'm sure if Mastercraftsman had of won on Tuesday the first person to say well done to AP would have been John Oxx. Lost all respect and time for Spencer, even if I didnt have much beforehand.

In the 5th test, havent had a bet but I fear for England. Its just seems like its another one of those, England get 350 then the Aussies get something insane like 650 and then England are all out before Australia have to even bat again. Hopefully that doesnt happen, but as I said, no bet for the time being.

Athletics: EUR4.10 | Horse Racing: EUR15.48 Total P&L: EUR19.58

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