Friday, August 21, 2009


Today was a good result in regards to be P&L line but I did some awful things in running, it was near impossible to focus when I was flicking in between each race over to the cricket, and that was so good it was impossible not to flick. It was very hard to go straight into in running, I was turning over as the race went off, terrible idea. The only two things that saved me today was Banyan Tree winning in Killarney and someone getting their colours wrong with Dandy Man in running, no idea what they were watching but I was delighted laying it anyway! Apart from those two results, the rest were pants. You really have to be 100% committed and focused for the whole day in running or its kaput, its amazing how easy it is to lay a winner, when its insanely difficult to pick one.

Still a winning day to keep moving forward even though I wasnt at my best, just kept calm all day and had a bit of patience. Seriously looking forward to seeing Cape Blanco again tomorrow, although wont find out how good he is in this race, he should win handy enough without being asked a question.

Over in the 5th test, Australia are the new England! With a total mid-innings collapse, the pitch is a minefield. I still dont think its over, no point doing anything now until England are all out and set a target, then I might have a bet. I cant see Australia failing twice in one game, but they arent going to chase down 400 on this pitch, its a tough one to call. Glad I havent had a bet so far really.

Horse Racing: EUR27.30 Total P&L: EUR27.30

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