Monday, August 24, 2009


Quiet day. I never seem to read Kempton well, then Windsor is on ATR so its a good bit behind so that left me with only Hamilton to be confident on really. But it was a good day none the less, a proper day for discipline and patience. Have to say the delay on ATR today was scary, I dont normally have a moan over it and just accept it, but it was about 6-7 secs behind today, going in play miles ahead of the stalls opening and suspending miles ahead of the finish on my screen. I dont mind there being a delay once they stop going on as if everythings normal, quoting in running prices etc really annoys me!

Aside from there being a delay, dont have much to talk about today so have time for a screen shot here to show what the markets like in running, it really is poor. This was taken less than 2F from the line, but they havent gone past the furlong marker yet, so between 2F and 1F to go:

I take on board that its a Monday afternoon and things are fairly quiet anyway with people at work, but even so it just looks so bad on the lay side. I understand you know, people dont want to have a bet, this race was on RUK too (some races on ATR are worse), but the lay side really is pathetic at the most important part of the race. I suppose people are sick of having their money grabbed off them by the fast picture boys, I dont really know the reason. I'm not having a go at people for not betting either I think theyre right, just want to show how hard it is to make good money in running from home these days. I look at markets like this every day, and as for the Irish markets, lets not go there.

But anyway no need to get depressed about it, just try and get the best out of what youre given. Happy with my days P&L for what was on offer, and got my Betdaq football bank on Liverpool to beat Aston Villa tonight.

Horse Racing: EUR22.95 Total P&L: EUR22.95

Last Wednesday night after the cricket loss, I said I just left €200 in the account, have it up to just above €300 now since Thursday without betting Sunday so thats going good. For anyone thats interested too, it lashed rain all day again today in Dublin and with nearly all our meetings being called off to waterlogging this week its looking less and less likely we'll see Sea The Stars turn up at Leopardstown. Still a while to go though so you never know, but Oxx wont want to take on Fame And Glory if the grounds not perfect for Sea The Stars I reckon, I've backed Fame And Glory already anyway.

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