Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back Home With A Bang

I'm glad I only started the football bets with €25, bit too much sweating for a 1.19 winner! Its nice to get a little reminder how hard it is to call football on the first day of the season, Chelsea by miles the better team today but you have to wait until injury time to take the lead. Watching the first half too, Chelsea all over them but Hull go one up. It really is the most random sport, I suppose thats why we all love it! Delighted it was only €25 and not €2,000 or more like before, anyway next bet is Man City to beat Blackburn on the side, I thought the price was a bit high. I know they were poor away from home last year but the new signings this summer are brilliant for these type of trips, the likes of Barry, Bridge, Tevez, Ireland and Bellamy will be alright on away days. And then you have Robinho and Adebayor who might turn it on.

Nice to have the football season back, I'll be doing all the bets on Betdaq and wont bet on anything else over there, having whole bank bets all the time its handier to keep track of that way. Still thinking about what to do when I get to a certain amount, whether to stop and go back to €25 again, but after watching the Chelsea game I dont think I'll worry about that until it happens! This is probably the best idea I've ever had too for betting on football. Back betting on Betfair today for the challenge too, will update how it goes later.

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